Three decades ago, we saw a need, and decided to offer a solution.

The agricultural industry in Kenya was big, as it still is, but most farmers were going about the whole farming process in a rather archaic manner. We came in with the intention of providing technological, irrigation approaches that would make agriculture more sustainable for farmers who were primarily relying on the irregular rain patterns; as well as faster options to land cultivation.

From supplying modern, irrigation systems such as the drip and sprinkler, to farmers across Kenya, we have continuously grown to cater to large-scale flower and vegetable growers. We have supplied back-up services for automated irrigation systems by Gavish – a world leader in the field of control systems for the agricultural market, erected green houses, built dams, and designed and built propagation houses. Moreover, we have designed farm layouts for the large-scale farmers to help them optimize water usage, while boosting crop growth and harvesting. The whole process means long-term cost savings on water transportation, management, and daily operations. The aforementioned solutions have also been scaled-down to cater to the emerging farmer.

Agro Irrigation’s core business, since inception, has been supply of equipment in the agricultural sector. Today, we are the preeminent supplier of irrigation equipment in Kenya. Whether you are a small-scale farmer, or a large-scale commercial farmer; in the horticulture, or floriculture business; we are able to supply your every farming need, at all stages, throughout Kenya, and East Africa.


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