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The company has been involved in irrigation for over 3 decades. Agro Irrigation started operations on 3rd July 1984 after having purchased the sole interests of sister concern, Ken Agro Industries Limited which was involved in the manufacture of irrigation equipment and spares for water pumps of various makes and model.

Since then, the company has developed further and diversified its operations. It now operates various departments which include borehole drilling, pump supplies and services, test pumping, engineering workshop, plastic pipe division, Irrigation design and supply department and sales of all water fittings and accessories including filters, computerized irrigation systems and much more.

Intensive training by international suppliers such as Metzerplas, Dorot, Talgil, Rainbird, NaanDan, Plassim, Gavish, Grundfos and others has enabled the company to provide expert and professional services in every department.

We are proud of being one of the most successful companies in Kenya who have come a long way to supply farmers, developers and domestic buyers with the most up to date and reliable equipment with after sales service.

The company has readily adapted to change and strives to drive the change instead of just trying to keep up with it. Partnering with international companies top in their respective fields and constantly training and informing employees about new technologies has assisted Agro Irrigation to remain at the top of its league.

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