You are an impassioned small-scale farmer, part-time farmer, or just a homeowner with a kitchen garden. Perhaps, you are a private person, and are not comfortable having labourers or technicians around in your premises. Or, maybe you just want to save some money by not having to incur call out charges. Our do-it-yourself, small-scale irrigation systems offer you the luxury of having the installation done by you, at your own convenience.

The benefit of setting up these systems by yourself is the knowledge you gain about your system. As much as we want to take on the installation process from A-Z, it is also important for us to create knowledge and awareness of the functionality of our products by providing do-it -yourself kits to those who wish to take on the installation process themselves. Once you purchase a do-it-yourself, small-scale irrigation kit, we provide you with consultation and tips on how to install the equipment.

We also provide consultations on how to keep your equipment running at an optimum level, and also small repair and service lessons, when necessary.


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