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Being in the manufacturing business, we support quality, local manufacturing. Through this, skills are taught, and jobs are created. Furthermore, our economy is boosted from within.

As we have experienced an upsurge in the construction industry, the mining industry is growing even larger. We have to dig for the raw materials that we use to build our roads and erect our buildings, but we have to do it in a sustainable manner. Our part in making sure that we contribute to this sustainable approach is done by supplying efficient and reliable pumps, and drilling boreholes responsibly.

We have made the process of running a manufacturing plant, or mine, seamless. It doesn’t matter where you choose to set up, we will come to you. We have drilled high yielding boreholes, installed borehole pumps and control panels for various companies.

Additionally, we have supplied pumps ranging from high flow drainage pumps, pumps used to empty flooded quarries and also food grade pumps that are used in the food and beverage industry. Hot water circulation pumps are solutions we have supplied to many industries where the transportation of hot water is necessary, but often difficult. Lastly, filtered water is paramount in manufacturing, and our water filtration systems department has experienced and influx of business from companies in the pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries.


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