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Devolution is a word that has ignited a lot of hope in our country. It has created opportunities, and has given freedom to counties to create solutions that will uniquely cater to citizens residing in these counties. This semi-autonomy has brought plenty of creativity, particularly among our youth, to tackle issues specific to each county.

Food, water, and shelter are vital, basic needs for each human being, and the local governments have been working indefatigably to make sure that all citizens have access to these needs.

We have had the good fortune to be at the forefront of some county government’s projects on water supply and agricultural schemes. At the tendering stages, we have always emerged as one of the most experienced and professional companies, and have done various projects for the county governments of Nairobi, Taita Taveta, Machakos, and Kerio Valley. We have drilled boreholes in Taita Taveta, the Judiciary in Nairobi, and the NSSF; we have supplied pipes and fittings to the Tana Athi Water Service Board and borehole casings to Machakos County; and, we supply to the Kerio Valley Development Board, and install the irrigation equipment and pipes in their farms, which they have been very successful in developing.

The Kenya Red Cross Society, through their Kenyans 4 Kenyans program a few years back, set a precedent by showing how much goodwill Kenyans have, when millions donated towards various projects across Kenya, most of which had to do with food security. Most NGOs saw this as an example, and have followed the KRCS’s lead in creating programs which have to do with water and agriculture.

This opened an opportunity for us, as some picked us to supply pipes, to drill boreholes and equipping those boreholes with pumps and control panels.

For any government or NGO projects, we are pleased to announce that we are prequalified to tender and supply to most counties and NGOs.


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