Agricultural Engineering Workshop

Have you ever had to settle for something that is “almost” what you needed, just because they did not have EXACTLY what you needed?

You always end up dissatisfied because you got something that you, truly, didn’t want; because you spent money on something that you knew wasn’t exactly what you wanted; and, lastly, what you bought obviously does not function according to your needs.

Our Agricultural Engineering Workshop was built to satisfy various mechanical needs, because we know that in some situations, there are no “one-size fits-all” solutions. The workshop is fully equipped with machines such as power/hydraulic presses, welding machined including ARC, TIG and MIG, plasma cutting machines, power saws, pillar drills, pipe bending machines, metal plate rolling and cutting machines, CNC lathe machines for threading PVC casings and risers, and manual lathe machines.

For components, we manufacture steel galvanized hydrants, steel galvanized detachable valve elbows, flanged suctions, deliver and steel socket mainline fittings, Ferrari steel couplings ranging from 60mm t0 150mm. All these, plus various other components are available over the counter, and sales personnel and engineers are available to advice on use of these components.

Also, we manufacture and supply agricultural trailers, sand washing machines, conveyor systems and other customized machinery. From conception to realization, our team of engineers is ready to walk you through the whole process.




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