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We have been drilling, equipping, and rehabilitating boreholes since 1992 and have a drilling rigs capable of drilling up to 350 meters with casing options of both UPVC and steel.

Licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to drill boreholes will all the allied works on 14th September, 1992 – Reg. No. DB/400/104, we have served individuals, industries, government organization and foreign embassies. Some of our satisfied clients are the Thai, Japanese and Canadian Embassies; organizations such as Koinoke Construction and China Road and Bridge; and various NGOs, some of which are, MSF, UNEP, AMREF, and Save the Children.

The company also manufactures PVC borehole casings and screens. The casings are threaded using a CNC lathe giving out uniform threads and high productivity. Screening too is done on an automated machine and can be screened to any percentage with 1mm slots or larger if need be. Both screens and casings are suitable for use in boreholes up to 300 m deep and are especially useful in boreholes where steel casing may corrode quickly. We use these in our own boreholes and also sale to other drillers. Apart from this we also stock and sale 4 core submersible cables imported from a renowned company in India ranging from 2.5sqmm to 16sqmm.

When you approach us to drill a borehole, we take complete control of the project. We start with a geological survey followed by a permit application. We then commence the borehole drilling, conduct test pumping to know your borehole’s yield and finally provide you with a detailed borehole report. Finally, we take you through the pump selection process and then install the suitable pump including all the necessary cables and control panels. Being in control of all these stages enables us to guarantee excellence on execution and quality of work, as well as after sales service.


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