Water Supply Design and Installation

Once we are finished with the water storage solution, we then embark on designing the most efficient and effective way to distribute that water to the specified points of your project. When those channels are marked out and excavated, we proceed with the installation of water supply lines, which are either plastic or metal.

Agro Irrigation has in place a plastics division which manufactures high quality pipes with full technical back-up from our fittings suppliers in Egypt and Israel, assuring our client of a world class product at an affordable price. We manufacture PPR pipes ranging from 20-75 mm, HDPE ranging from 12-110 mm and PVC pipes ranging from 20-225 mm. All pipes are manufactured by us to ISO standards adapted by KEBS (Kenya bureau of standards) and have certification for the same they are routinely tested for pressure, sizing and usability.

Agro irrigation stocks a full range of fittings for all pipes also including PPR weld joining machines and various types of glue for joining PVC pipes.

We have been able to provide this solution effectively to our clients. The ease at which they are now able to channel water across to various points of their projects has brought immense, positive feedback to us.


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