Awards & Certificates

  • isoISO Certification. The administration systems of Agro Irrigation and Pump Services Ltd are assessed and approved by QAS international to the ISO 9001:2008 management systems, standards and guidelines.
  • t100-2008Top 100 Mid-Sized Companies, Kenya 2008. This recognition was presented to Agro irrigation in 2008 before moving onto the larger bracket in the later years.
  • kamKAM – Kenya Association of Manufacturers. Agro Irrigation and Pump Services Ltd is a member of KAM and subscribes to the values enshrined in the Association’s Code of Ethics.
  • kebsKEBS – Kenya Bureau of Standards. All products manufactured at Agro irrigation and Pump Services Ltd are certified by KEBS to confirm they are manufactured to the required standards and are fit for purpose in their respective fields.
  • ERC – Solar Water Heating Contractor’s license. Agro Irrigation and Pump Services are licensed by the ERC to import, sell and installation all kinds of solar water heating systems. The ERC’s, Renewable Energy department is responsible for leading the planning, development, implementation, promotion and execution of structures for the development and regulation of the renewable energy (in this case, solar water heating) and energy efficiency through research and planning, development of standards and regulations, compliance and enforcement.
    Other responsibilities include:

    1. Collecting and maintaining RE & EE data
    2. Preparing RE & EE national plans
    3. Initiating development of Standards and codes of practice for RE & EE
    4. Developing requisite regulations for recommending to the Minister for Energy
    5. Providing information and statistics to the Minister for Energy as he may require from time to time
    6. Designating energy consumers and maintaining list of accredited energy auditors
    7. Licensing, Monitoring and enforcement of RE&EE Regulations
    8. Advising the Commission, internal parties as well as external stakeholders on technical and regulatory matters pertaining to RE & EE

    Info collected from the ERC website, (Accessed Jan, 2016).
    View certificate here

  • febpFEBP – Foundation for Excellence in Business Practice. Agro Irrigation and Pump Services Ltd received an award from the FEBP in recognition of the company adhering to the precepts of the Charter of their foundation. Agro irrigation was awarded a Gold Medal for “Excellence in Business Practice” together with the right to the designation “Charter Member” in Geneva.

Foundation for Excellence in Business Practice – Geneva, Charter.
We, entrepreneurs and business leaders of different nationalities, conscious of our responsibility to the present and future generations, are united in the belief that business must be based on profitability, but that its practice must extend far beyond financial objectives.

We therefore affirm that excellence in business practice must reflect the following ten principles:

  1. Profit to be achieved on a sustainable basis in a competitive environment.
  2. Financial reporting and expectations to be true and fair, and presented on a timely basis to managers, shareholders, potential investors and authorities, in accordance with the best practices of corporate governance.
  3. Competition to be open and honest.
  4. Employees to be treated with respect for human rights and labour standards, and to be given opportunities for personal fulfilment and for the expression of their views on corporate matters.
  5. The environment to be respected, in terms both of avoiding damage and of the sustainable exploitation of natural resources.
  6. Business to play its full role in society at large, especially in the fields of education, culture and sport.
  7. Corruption to be spurned in all aspects of business activities.
  8. Business to endeavour to avoid causing conflict and to bring peoples and groups to a closer mutual understanding and respect.
  9. Suppliers to be selected from as broad a base as possible and in open competition, and customers to be seen in the light of long-term relationships.
  10. Greater awareness of business to be encouraged amongst students and entrepreneurs and they are to be informed about entering and expanding enterprises.


We invite the leaders of business everywhere to adhere to these principles.

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