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Agro irrigation works to encourage environmental sustainability and awareness with each business function and process. Our top most concern is being able to conserve water which is a scarce resource. Even in Kenya, where it seems to be abundant it occasionally be evasive. Our products are designed to reduce wastage of water and use available water efficiently. We also extend sponsorship to the “Rhino Ark Charitable Trust” who is recently working to conserve the water towers in Kenya. Please visit for more information with regards to this.

Other measures to reduce our negative impact on the environment include regular maintenance of all our vehicles to prevent excess harmful gases from being let out into the atmosphere, sale of products which encourage environmental sustainability such as solar water heaters and energy efficient pumps, working with suppliers who share the same concern for our environment, training staff on the importance of conserving our environment and increasing our products life through service, refurbishment, and reuse. Apart from these preventive measures, Agro irrigation also organises tree planting events and supports efforts of groups working to clean up the environment, especially those clearing non-biodegradable waste from our water ways.


For a long time, the company and its founders have supported the cause known as “Girl Child Education” undertaken by a local Kenyan club. We choose to support this cause to encourage gender equality as well as be able to allow access to education to as many underprivileged children as possible. This fund is used to finance education for young ladies to help them achieve a higher level of education and enable them to progress onto good jobs with which they can sustain themselves.

Apart from the above, we also constantly train our staff to enhance their skills in their respective fields and offer places for work attachment to university/college students to help them gain experience of “real world” work related operations. As the company grows we would like to be able to offer scholarships to deserving students to achieve their dreams and serve their part in making constant positive change to our country, continent and planet.

“The promise of an education is more than just reading and arithmetic. When fully realized, this promise includes learning how to get along with others, coping with setbacks, and discovering strengths. A decent education provides children the foundation they need to reach their full potential, and is a basic right that no child should be denied,” Kanbis Sports Club (web, 2015).

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