Grundfos Sub-Factory

The company has a fully equipped, licensed sub-factory. Grundfos sub factory is a worldwide Grundfos concept that means Agro Irrigation has been certified by Grundfos to assemble and test SP pumps.

We can now get our pumps supplied even quicker and with more comprehensive service. Customers are therefore guaranteed unmatched quality, service and support as expected from Grundfos.

Our staffs are regularly trained and the company provides complete flexibility for rapid delivery. This means you now have a closer relationship with Grundfos, a world leader in developing, building, testing and supplying all kinds of pumps.

Partnerships like these allow Agro Irrigation to continue providing its customers with top of the range, quality products with comprehensive backup services.

Borehole Drilling and Test Pumping

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources licensed the company to drill boreholes with all the allied works on 14th September 1992, Reg. No. is DB/400/104.

Since then the company has undertaken bore-hole drilling, equipping and rehabilitation of boreholes for various class of clientele ranging from individuals, industries, government organizations to foreign embassies. Some of these include:- Thai, Japanese and Canadian Embassies, organizations such as Konoike Construction and China Road and Bridge, NGO’S including MSF, UNEP, AMREF, Save The Children Fund and so on.

The company provides a complete solution starting with a geological survey, permit application, borehole drilling, test pumping and finally a detailed borehole report, and pump selection and installation including cables and control panels. Being able to provide this range of services, under the borehole drilling department creates excellence on the quality of work, execution of work and after sales service.

Water Pumps

Agro Irrigation is one of Kenya’s leading pump suppliers. For any purpose, an efficient pump solution is required; agro Irrigation offers a high-quality solution. We have partnered with leading pump suppliers filling our range from centrifugal pumps for industry, water supply, waste water and dosing to circulator pumps for heating and air conditioning.

All pumps and systems are imported from companies who seek intelligent solutions and supply products engineered to the highest achievable quality standards and backed by reliable service. Our products, used all over Kenya and expanding to the East African region, are consistently superior in design. We work closely with companies such as Allweiler (Germany), ATX (India) and Grundfos (Denmark) to continue supplying reliable pumps with complete back-up services and spares inventory.

As every site works best with its specific pumping solution, at Agro we look into the end users expectation from the pump, before moving on to sell a suitable pump. We aim to provide customers with a fast and flawless service while ensuring that the best possible operating economy, quality, reliability and functionality of any pump is achieved.

Irrigation Systems

Agro has been dealing with irrigation equipment from reputable international suppliers for over a decade. The company employs qualified Irrigation Engineers who design and supervise installations of sprinkler and drip irrigation for Floriculture, Horticulture, Coffee and Tea plantations, golf courses and gardens at very competitive rates.

Agro Irrigation is one of the largest suppliers of Sprinkler & Drip Irrigation equipment in East Africa with a roll over stock of more than $1,000,000 and growing. This includes items ranging from pipe fittings, to large flow meters and various sprinkler systems from Rain bird (USA), drip lines, ready to install drip kits from Metzerplas, algae control systems, dams, green houses and shade houses.

We continuously work with large flower and vegetable growers, and have supplied and provided back-up services for auto-mated irrigation systems by Gavish, erected greenhouses, built dams, designed and built propagation houses and designed farm layouts to have them running efficiently in terms of water usage, crop growth, harvesting and cost saving on long term water transport, management and day to day operations. The same experience and skill is also adopted to assist small scale farmer’s start and develop high yielding farms for both domestic and commercial use.

By putting together the experience and equipment from every department within the company, Agro Irrigation is able to provide a complete irrigation solution to run on bare land and turn it into an oasis covered with healthy crop, turning out a good profit for the farmer.

Engineering Workshops

Agro Irrigation has got its own fully equipped engineering workshop used to manufacture Steel Galvanized Hydrants, Steel Galvanized Detachable Valve Elbow, Flanged Suction, Delivery & steel socket mainline fittings, Ferrari Steel Couplings ranging from 60 mm to 150 mm. Most components are available ex stock over the table and sales persons and engineers are always available to advice on effective use of these components.

We manufacture and supply agricultural trailers, conveyor systems and any other customized machinery or components. Our team of engineers is always ready to advice, conceptualize, design, test and supply custom machines and components for specific tasks.

The workshop is equipped with various machines which include power/hydraulic presses, various welding machines including ARC, TIG and MIG, plasma cutting machines, power saws, pillar drills, pipe bending machines, metal plate rolling and cutting machines, CNC lathe machines for threading PVC casings and risers and manual lathe machines.

Water Storage Solutions

Water is the most important requirement for any farm. Agro Irrigation provides a wide range of water storage solutions. These include small domestic water tanks, lined over ground rolled steel tanks for rain water collection and lined excavated dams for mass collection of water for large scale farms or livestock. The company has done various projects in Kenya in the horticulture and floriculture industries by excavating and lining dams using UV stabilized HDPE linings with thickness ranging from 0.75 mm to 1.2 mm welded using a highly advanced robotic fusing machine from Damtech USA. Smaller dams have also been constructed for community water supply projects.

Pipe Factory

PPR, UPVC and High Density Polythene Pipes and Fittings.

As an ever expanding company with the main focus on providing affordable solutions to farmers, Agro Irrigation has in place a plastics division which produces high quality pipes with full technical back-up from our fittings suppliers in Egypt and Israel, assuring the client of a world class product at an affordable price. We manufacture PPR pipes ranging from 20-75 mm, HDPE ranging from 12-110 mm and PVC pipes ranging from 20-225 mm. All pipes are made to standards set by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and are routinely tested for pressure, sizing and usability.

Agro irrigation stocks a full range of fittings for all pipes also including PPR weld joining machines and various types of glue for joining PVC pipes.

The company also manufactures PVC borehole casings and screens. The casings are threaded using a CNC lathe giving out uniform threads and high productivity. Screening too is done on an automated machine and can be screened to any percentage using 1mm slots. Both screens and casings are suitable for use in boreholes up to 300 m deep and are especially useful in boreholes where steel casing may corrode quickly.

Water Supply

Apart from manufacturing and supplying PVC, HDPE and PPR pipes, we also install and test the piping systems for our customers.

We design layouts, mark points, clear over ground vegetation, excavate trenches, lay the pipes , back fill and test all our water supply lines to the highest standards.

The company has a collection of equipment to carry out pipe installations these include a mini JCB excavator which enables quick excavation in confined spaces, a bigger Case backhoe excavator/loader for larger spaces and a Bobcat compact excavator with various attachments to complete jobs of any scale efficiently and in any weather condition.

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